Should I Hire A New Agent or Stick With An Experienced Realtor



Should I Hire A New Agent or Stick with an Experienced Agent?

Finding a real estate agent is tough, especially if a friend just became licensed. We answer the question: Should I hire my friend or hire an experienced agent?

Diving into the real estate market is tricky, especially when you’re trying to find a real estate agent you’d like to work with. There are so many out there, it’s mind boggling. Now, just imagine the conundrum someone would have if they have a friend who just became licensed! Why, you may even be in that difficult situation right now, choosing an inexperienced friend or an experienced realtor. 

Take these points into consideration and save yourself some grief because you’re leaning more toward hiring an experienced agent over your friend.

An experienced agent knows the market inside and out.

When you’re looking for an experienced realtor, you’re probably going to do a little research to find one with the best ratings. You’re probably not going to hire someone who has no reviews over a competitor with numerous glowing reviews, right? Of course you would – it’s just part of being a smart consumer. So when it comes to finding the right realtor, you’re going to do your due diligence; looking for a seasoned, experienced agent who’ll put more money in your pocket, even though your friend may have just gotten their license.  Avalon Realty has 5.0 star Google Rating with more than 73 Reviews.

Now, we know this is hard, but you’re making a tough choice when selling a house and you want to find someone who is very familiar with the local market. In HomeLight’s Q3 2020 survey, 87% of surveyed agents said they have clients who want to submit offers above asking. An experienced agent will be able to spot the offers worth paying attention to and which ones aren’t worth your time. An inexperienced one may tell you to take the first one that comes along. 

Experienced agents know the best people to work with

Prior to selling your house, you might want (or need to) to do a few renovations in order to maximize your property’s value. An experienced agent will discuss these with you and will be able to recommend top contractors, reputable inspectors and appraisers, as well as what moving company you may want to use when you’re moving to your new place. 

An inexperienced agent may mean well, but they aren’t going to have that rapport with service providers in the area like an experienced agent would. They may make recommendations for services that are expensive, do shoddy work, or have personalities that clash with your own.  What’s better, inexperience or the 18 years local expertise of John and Avalon Realty?

Experienced agents can negotiate in your favor

An experienced agent will have the necessary negotiating skills that’ll get your house sold at (or above!) asking price. They’ll understand the importance of a hassle-free sale and will tell you whether a deal is good or not. 

Inexperienced agents may not have the proven skills or ability to strongly negotiate on your behalf? Maybe and maybe not. Do you really want to take that chance? 

Deciding on a real estate agent to work with is no easy feat, especially if this is your first time selling your house. An experienced real estate agent like John Alexandrou & Avalon Realty is a valuable person to have on your side because you know that they are familiar with the market, they know the right people, and will negotiate on your behalf. 

It’s understandable that you’d want to give your newly licensed friend some business, but that may not be in your best interest. Just tell them the truth and let them know it’s nothing personal. Or, if you aren’t keen on confrontation, just tell them that you’d rather not complicate your personal relationship with a business relationship.