Art Exhibitions


A Free Community Art Exhibition


Angie Ferrin:

Angee Ferrín was born in Caracas, Venezuela on January 25th, 1977. She graduated at the Architecture & Arts School of the University of Los Andes, Venezuela where she obtained an Architect Degree. Her increasing love and curiosity for the arts drove her to self-study the pointillism technique used by neo-impressionist artist, George Seurat, among others and whom clearly had been of great influence on her style. Angee Ferrín uses a modern and impressive variation of the Pointillism techniques filling illustrations with vibrant colors, great detail, and a unique style by combining a series of painted dots leading her to a colorful path of expressions. Currently Angee resides in Orlando, Florida where she continues expressing her emotions and perspectives through colorful painting and art pieces.


Jim Cox:

My drawing and painting training started in high school in 1970 where learned the fundamentals winning awards in the schools juried art shows. I was accepted to Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Art Program where I was exposed to Glass Blowing, Intaglio Printmaking, Watercolor and Drawing, and Oil Painting.  Those were the days when I was immersed in the culture and lived, breathed and ate art with my cohorts Jim Jacobs and Tony Shiver. A lifetime later after selling my soul to the man with a career in Sales and forsaking my art, I experienced a resurgence of interest in 2017. The first couple of painting attempt were scary but with each brush stroke it all started to surface again. At this point my goal is to enjoy the rewards of something I truly enjoy. I have surrounded myself after all these years with other artist whom I turn to for advice and to gain further inspiration and learn other techniques.