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Cypress Lakes is a residential area that is located in Orlando, Florida and is just about 15 minutes away from Disney world resort which can be regarded as one of the main tourist attractions in the country. This neighborhood has quite some unique features that make it a prime real estate.  With an area 1,128 square miles and a population of 2848, Cypress lakes have a population density of 199 people per square miles, which therefore classifies this elegant community as a suburban neighborhood. Your Cypress Lakes Realtor can easily take you on a walkthrough per your request.

The median income in Cypress Lakes is $65,899 and the average listing price of houses in Cypress lakes is $286,000 and $273,000 respectively.  About 74% of people that live in Cypress Lakes are homeowners; this is relatively higher than most neighborhoods in Florida but also shows you that Cypress Lakes is a prime real estate in Orlando. 

Houses in Cypress Lakes, FL 

Realty in cypress lakes is made up of all different houses, apartments, and condos. Most of the condos and apartments in cypress lakes are owner-occupied but there is also a handful of renters.  The estimated value of detached houses in cypress lakes, which accounts for about 57% of all units, is $183,889. The average estimated value of mobile homes which accounts for about 41.8% of all units is $34,409. The structures of the homes are a combination of old and modern houses and were built between the period of 1940 to 2013.  Cypress Lakes is located just minutes away from world-renowned tourist attractions, and this adds to the value of the homes. Cypress Lakes is a neighborhood that has individuals from all different ethnic backgrounds and the median age of occupants is 46 years old.  The structure and arrangement of both the modern and old houses are what adds to the appeal and charm of the neighborhood. 

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Cypress Lakes is a neighborhood that has character and history and is a perfect fit for anybody looking for a home in the greater Orlando area.  Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and contact your Cypress Lakes Realtor!