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This gated residential community can be found in East Orlando, Florida and it was developed by the Toll brothers who are very reputable home builders. This community is made up of mostly single-family homes of different model designs. The houses constructed in these Fontana estates reside in 1/2 to 1 acres plots of land. Most of the realty in Fontana estates were built between the year 2012 to 2014 which means that most of the home structures in this community are relatively new structures. 

Realtors in Fontana estates understand the value of the homes available in this gated community because there is a variety to choose from. The median listing price and median real estate value for houses in Fontana estates are $460,000 and $400,000 respectively. According to Fontana estates realtors, the different varieties of home models in this gated community make the decision of choosing an ideal home easier. 

Home models available in Fontana estates 

The Toll Brothers, who were the developers of this community constructed different home models and each has the distinct characteristics that differentiate them from the other. The following are the six different home models available in Fontana Estates. 

    Adaire Home Model 

This home model features up to four bedrooms and a three car garage.  The estimated real estate value of this home model is at about $870,000 which is slightly higher than the value for other homes in Orlando. This home model resides on a 0.52-acre lot of land. 

    Brevard Home Model

This home model is on 4,574 square ft of land, and it houses up to five bedrooms. This Brevard home model has a median selling price of up to $500,000.

    Moreda Home Model

With a median selling price of more than  $500,000, this model features up to five bedrooms and a garage. The acreage of this home model is 0.5 to 1 acre of land. 

    Toledo,  Meliana and Trieste Home Models 

These are the last three home models available in this elegant gated community, and these home models feature up to four bedrooms and have a selling price of $400,000. These home models reside on acreage between 0.5 and 1 acre of land. 

What makes Fontana estates a prime real estate location

One of the distinct features of this gated community is the 24-hour security. This security is one of the reasons why this community is a prime real estate location. The structures in this community were built between 2012 and 2014 which signifies that the house structures are modern house structures and is an added advantage to this community. The variety of choices to pick from in this community makes it an option for all different classes of people.

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