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Realty in the Estates at Lake Pickett

The Estates at Lake Pickett is a community located in East Orlando, FL. This neighborhood has an estimated population of about 1300 residents. The realty in the estates at Lake Pickett is very uniquely constructed with a very interesting design. Estates at Lake Pickett is a new gated community, and it is a prime real estate location as a result of the modern constructed houses. There are several factors that make this community prime real estate.  

Home models in Estate at Lake Pickett:

    Dockside home model 

This dockside home has a starting median price of $368,990 and it houses up to 6 bedrooms and a 3 car garage. This magnificent home is located on up to 2,684 square ft of land, and includes a lot of flexible space

    Amberwood single story home model

The amberwood homes are usually single storied, and they have a unique design with open floored kitchen areas. This home model has a median starting price of $393,990, and it is situated in about 2455 square ft of land. Typically has 5 bedrooms and a garage that can house up to 3 cars. 

    Mariner home model

This dazzling home has a starting price of $408,990 and has up to 5 bedrooms with this unique design. The Mariner is situated on more than 3800 square ft of land. 

    Stonehaven home model

The starting price for Stonehaven home models is St $423,990, and it has up to 4 bedrooms. This home is on more than 2900 square ft of land, and it houses a garage that can take up to 3 vehicles. 

    Casabella home model 

The starting price for this exquisite home is at $470,900, and it resides on more than 5100 square ft of land. 

    Richmond home model

The median starting price for this home is $523,900, and it houses 6 bedrooms and a 3 car garage. This home model resides on more than 4900 square ft of land. 

What makes houses in the Estates at Lake Pickett prime real estate 

The homes available in this alluring gated community are very uniquely structured and constructed with distinct characteristics. Individuals living in this gated community have easy access to different locations in Florida. Downtown Orlando is easily accessible, and this community is just 40 minutes away from the beaches on the east coast. 

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